What Are The Chances That ISIS Will Get Their Hands On The Nismo Patrol?

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Nah, not a problem. They prefer Toyotas.

First, the bad news: it won't be coming stateside. Not now and likely not ever. But if you happen to be a resident of Dubai or other surrounding Middle Eastern countries, then you're in luck. Presenting the Patrol Nismo. Based on the Nissan Patrol, a huge seller in the Middle East and sold in the US as the Infiniti QX80 (formerly QX), it was handed over to Nismo for them to apply their usual badassity; it's now more powerful than the QX80. That's the good news.

Power comes from a 5.5-liter V8 that cranks out 428 hp instead of 400. Torque output is also more effective across 70 percent of the rev range.

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Aside from the familiar Nismo badges and white, black and red trim colors, the full-size SUV features a new aero body kit, 22-inch forged alloy wheels, a Nismo-tuned suspension complete with Bilstein shock absorbers for better ride and handling, a Takumi-tuned engine, and sport power-tuned steering. The interior comes with plenty of Nismo trimmings throughout. OK, so it's not exactly a high-performance SUV, but the effort is clearly there. Too bad it'll never arrive stateside, even if it is badged as an Infiniti. In other words, ISIS has a better chance at snagging one than Americans do.


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