What Are Today's Most Popular Car Body Styles?

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You really won't be all that surprised.

There was a time when the station wagon was what everyone in the US wanted in their garages. Then came the minivan. After that, the SUV. Every few years the public's taste in cars changes and automakers are consistently looking to capitalize on the next big thing. The four-door coupe is a good example. But that body style isn't appealing for everyone, and it's certainly not the ideal family hauler.

According to a new study from IHS Automotive and first reported by Autoguide, SUVs and crossovers have exceeded sedan sales in the US for the first time. The study states that retail registrations for SUVs and crossovers total 36.5 percent through May 2014. Sedan registrations for this same time were 35.4 percent. At that time last year, it was nearly the reverse with 36.6 percent sedan registrations and 33.9 percent for SUVs and crossovers. So why the switch? These types of vehicles offer "a higher seating position, higher ground clearance, softer ride, more interior space, optional four-wheel or all-wheel drive, and towing capacity."

Source Credits: www.autoguide.com

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