What Better Way to Pick Up Ladies Than to Paint Your 599 GTB a Color They Like

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This is Knightsbridge, you could paint it in vomit and these ladies would be all over it.

Have you ever had a friend who would don Terry Mugler perfume or sport bright colored clothing based on the hypothesis that it will attract the feminine tastes of women? We did, and to be honest they did quite well with the ladies. Perhaps they were on to something. So too is this guy, driving around swanky Knightsbridge in the formerly owned Al Thani Ferrari 599 GTB, painted in the unusual color of hot turquoise.

To us, it's a hideous choice of color but it does the job. At one intersection, the driver of the 599 nabs a gal's phone number as his wing man simultaneously scores a different girl's number from the passenger seat. Talk about efficiency! Then again, it's a Ferrari, in that part of town it could be covered in blood and puss and the babes would be all over it.

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