What Cars Grace The Garage Of Top Gear's Matt LeBlanc?


How big of a car guy is the former 'Friends' star?

When the newly updated Top Gear announced that Matt LeBlanc would be one of the new hosts, we all thought, "that guy from 'Friends'?! We knew from a brief interview on 'Star In A Reasonably Priced Car' that LeBlanc was certainly a car guy. However, not too many people were convinced that he would be a worthwhile replacement for the legendary Top Gear trio. We won't make any appeals that LeBlanc was the perfect choice for the job, but the guy certainly like his cars. Even LeBlanc's character Joey loved Porsches.


Back in 2012, LeBlanc sold his 2001 996 911 Turbo with Techart upgrades. The stock 3.6-liter 415-hp flat-six obviously wasn't enough for the Porsche fanatic. The 996 was eventually replaced by a 997 GT2 RS. With 620 hp driving the rear wheels only, the GT2 RS is one of the scariest cars to ever come from Porsche. The car came only with a six-speed manual to make things even more tricky. Of course, LeBlanc has one of these in his garage. Back in 2011 the GT2 RS cost $245,000. Just 500 examples were built and they are now trading for almost double the original price. In an interview with Chris Evans, LeBlanc talked about how difficult the rear-engined car is to drive. Clearly he knows his stuff.

Porsche is not the only car company that Matt LeBlanc loves. The Top Gear Host was once the proud owner of a Ferrari 360 Modena which he owned for 12 years. In over one decade, LeBlanc only put around 8,000 miles on the Ferrari before selling it in 2012. The car was traded in for a 458 Italia, which doesn't surprise us. The 458 was on our list of cars that most celebrities seem to drive. While this car doesn't really set LeBlanc apart from other celebrities, it does show that he has a love of speed. The 458 has 570 horsepower from a 4.5-liter V8 mated to a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. The Ferrari is probably a much better daily driver than the track-focused Porsche.


Many celebrities have a boring daily driver like a Prius. Don't worry, Matt LeBlanc is not one of these celebrities. LeBlanc does drive an SUV, but it is an AMG powered one. Yeah that's right, his daily driver is a 516-horsepower V8 Mercedes ML63. The next time you question whether or not Matt LeBlanc was the right choice for Top Gear, just remember, the guy definitely loves cars.

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