What Caused This 700 Horsepower Camaro To Catch Fire With A Father And Son Inside?

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Luckily the father and son were able to escape.

A father decided to take his son out in his classic 700-horsepower Z28 Camaro. What happens next is scary, especially since the whole thing was captured on film. While driving the car, a fire that seems to have originated from the transmission tunnel begins to engulf the car. The video is quickly cut and we are happy to report that both the father and son were able to get out, although there were some minor burns. We don't know much about the Camaro, other than what the title of the video gives us.

The car had been modified to make 700 hp, but clearly not all parts of the car were able to handle that much power. People have been questioning what caused the fire on the comment section. The Camaro can be replaced, but the lives inside were irreplaceable. Luckily, this situation didn't get out of hand.

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