What Caused This Aventador To Catch Fire In The Middle Of London?

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Italian cars really are full of fiery passion.

The Lamborghini Aventador has a reputation for being a fire-spitting monster. Unfortunately, in addition to shooting flames, the Aventador seems to have a knack for catching fire as well. We have watched Aventadors burn to a crisp in several cases, such as this incident in Dubai. In many cases the owners don't even know their car is on fire until someone points it out. That is exactly what happened to this yellow Aventador in the middle of rush hour London traffic. A small flame on the side soon spread to the engine.

A witness of the event told the Evening Standard that, "The driver was revving up the car at traffic lights in a queue, there was a loud bang and the engine caught fire." Luckily the fire department came to put out the fire. At this rate, Aventador owners will need to hire the fire department to drive behind them.

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