What Did Hong Kong Do About Tesla's Autopilot Feature?!

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Is this the right move?

Tesla's autopilot is one of the most revolutionary features in automotive technology. With the ability to change lanes, drive and stop by itself without any input, Model S owners have put the autopilot mode to the test in many different ways. Most seem to like it. Unfortunately for Hong Kongers, the feature has been disabled wirelessly two months after it was released. There have been reports from traffic officials that drivers would become distracted in the city's extremely busy traffic.

The International Business Times says it best, with a scary prediction that may make techies think twice about trying to take over the auto industry. "The move underscores a challenge the auto industry will face as it rolls out new semiautonomous driving technology globally that skirts the line between convenience and safety." What do you think of Hong Kong's move against autonomous driving? Do you think that Model S owners should be allowed to use the autopilot or could it be taken for granted and cause chaos?

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