What Did This Poor Ferrari F40 Do To Deserve Being Burnt To A Crisp?

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Seeing this magnificent car in this state brings tears to our eyes.

It was a sad day for the internet when shocking images of a fire-damaged F40 were posted on Ferrari Chat. The F40 is currently sitting at a recovery yard in the United Kingdom after being almost completely destroyed by a fire. The circumstances of the fire are unknown, but the person who posted the pictures, chat user Paul500, claims that the car was on its maiden drive after going through a complete restoration. With this amount of damage occurring in the UK, this F40 will likely become a Category A write-off.

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This means that any salvageable parts can be stripped, but the chassis would be crushed. Even with Ferrari F40 values being as high as they are, it still may not be economically viable to restore this fire-damaged example. Ferrari only built 1,311 examples of the F40 between 1987 and 1992, but now there could be one less. We hope that the occupants were able to escape without any injuries, but it is still sad to see such a perfect car in such a horrible state.

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