What Do The Brits Make Of The Dodge Durango?

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Winning over American road testers is one thing. Getting their UK colleagues on board is another kettle of fish altogether.

More often than not, American cars get a pretty hard time at the hands of British road testers, especially if the vehicles in question weren't really designed for European sensibilities. Though there are exceptions (namely Chris Harris' review of the Dodge Viper ACR), it's mostly the case that big, thirsty cars from the US of A don't get high ratings from UK motoring journalists. As a result, we weren't expecting positive things to come from Auto Express Editor-In-Chief Steve Fowler when he got hold of a Dodge Durango.

Upon closer investigation, though, the Dodge Durango might just have an appeal that speaks to the British. It helps that this review is being done by one of the UK's most eminent automotive writers. On top of being Editor-In-Chief at Auto Express, Fowler's also at the helm of Carbuyer.co.uk and has been an active car journo for over 20 years. We'd say he's the guy to provide a fair and unbiased review. As it turns out the Dodge Durango does stand up to European scrutiny in terms of build quality, ride comfort and overall practicality. So, even with its thirsty engines, so-so handling and steeper pricing on higher-spec models, the Durango did actually do rather well in this road test.

At least that's what we predict will happen in this review. Here's a little secret: This article was written before we watched the Auto Express video. It'll be interesting to see whether we were on-point or way off track.

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