What Do You Think About A Full Size SUV Based On A Bugatti Chrion?

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Once Lamborghini debuts the Urus, Bugatti will be the last Volkswagen-owned automaker to build an SUV.

Just a day after dropping a rendering image of what a four-door Aston Martin Lagonda-based Pagani Huayra would look like, rendering artist Jan Peisert has taken yet another dynamic duo and merged it into a single body. As with the Aston Martin/Pagani mashup, this render begins with a luxury car as its base and adds styling elements from a multi-million dollar hypercar to the body in order to mess with our heads and look at what a dystopian future of overly enthusiastic SUV buyers could look like.

The base vehicle is a Bentley Bentayga, an SUV that, like the Porsche Cayenne did back in its day, broke the ranks for an automaker and introduced it to the SUV. To find a hypercar donor, Peisert didn't have to look far, simply stealing the Bugatti Chiron's body from higher up in the Volkswagen family.

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The results are questionable and though we know we should hate it, part of us wants to know what such a mashup would be like to drive. For better or for worse, this concept is one that has more chance of becoming reality than the four-door Pagani simply because Volkswagen has been anything but adamant about building more SUVs. It just saw Porsche release the Macan followed by Volkswagen's launch of the full-size Atlas, which will then be succeeded by the Lamborghini Urus. Continuing the trend would be Bugatti, the only automaker in Volkswagen AG's lineup that has no off-roader, which Bugatti's own CEO mentioned was in the cards. Well, at least now you know what to expect.

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