What Do You Think About A Full Size SUV Based On A Bugatti Chrion?


Once Lamborghini debuts the Urus, Bugatti will be the last Volkswagen-owned automaker to build an SUV.

Just a day after dropping a rendering image of what a four-door Aston Martin Lagonda-based Pagani Huayra would look like, rendering artist Jan Peisert has taken yet another dynamic duo and merged it into a single body. As with the Aston Martin/Pagani mashup, this render begins with a luxury car as its base and adds styling elements from a multi-million dollar hypercar to the body in order to mess with our heads and look at what a dystopian future of overly enthusiastic SUV buyers could look like.

The base vehicle is a Bentley Bentayga, an SUV that, like the Porsche Cayenne did back in its day, broke the ranks for an automaker and introduced it to the SUV. To find a hypercar donor, Peisert didn't have to look far, simply stealing the Bugatti Chiron's body from higher up in the Volkswagen family.

The results are questionable and though we know we should hate it, part of us wants to know what such a mashup would be like to drive. For better or for worse, this concept is one that has more chance of becoming reality than the four-door Pagani simply because Volkswagen has been anything but adamant about building more SUVs. It just saw Porsche release the Macan followed by Volkswagen's launch of the full-size Atlas, which will then be succeeded by the Lamborghini Urus. Continuing the trend would be Bugatti, the only automaker in Volkswagen AG's lineup that has no off-roader, which Bugatti's own CEO mentioned was in the cards. Well, at least now you know what to expect.

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