What Do You Think of a BMW-Tesla Collaboration?

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It may just be in the cards.

First it was Daimler and Toyota, and now BMW may also decide to team up with Tesla. Although nothing has been made official, Tesla has begun discussing a possible collaboration with BMW. The report comes directly from Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself. Speaking with German news weekly Der Spiegel, Musk said that the two automakers are currently "talking about whether we can collaborate in battery technology or charging stations." However, these discussions are, at the moment, informal and no agreement has been reached.

If anyone recalls, Tesla still has alliances with two other major automakers, although both appear to be winding down. Tesla previously teamed up with Toyota to develop an EV version of the RAV4, which used Tesla technology. Daimler also worked with Tesla to build the Smart Electric Drive and the Mercedes B-Class EV. However, Daimler recently sold off its Tesla stake but it still plans to maintain a relationship of sorts. Same goes for Toyota but it's now focusing more on hydrogen power, as shown last week with the debut of its Mirai fuel-cell vehicle. But a possible BMW-Tesla alliance would be very interesting.

Tesla will soon become the world's largest producer of lithium-ion technology with its upcoming $5 billion Gigafactory in Nevada. BMW is in the midst of tripling the size of its carbon-fiber factory in Washington State. It will become the world's largest producer of the lightweight material. The biggest battery and carbon fiber producers teaming up? It does make sense.

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