What Do You Think The Joker Will Drive In Suicide Squad?

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Batman has the Batmobile, but what about The Joker?

Thanks to some amateur footage taken on the set of "Suicide Squad" we have been given the chance to see The Joker's ride for the upcoming movie. So what will the Clown Prince of Crime be driving as he leads a gang of other comic book bad guys including Enchantress, Deadshot and Killer Croc, on some life-threatening missions? Jalopnik appears to have surmised the pink car, wearing the license plate "HAHAHA," is an Infiniti G35 wearing a Vaydor body kit, and we can't argue with that.

While you check out the car, and some images from the set of the film that's due out in August 2016, enjoy some video of The Joker showing Harley Quinn the back of his tattooed hand.

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Source Credits: jalopnik.com

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