What Do You Think Will Be The Next Must-Have Old School Sports Car?

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Cheap today. Way more expensive tomorrow.

Every few years or so a particular car make and model suddenly surges in popularity and value. Sometimes the car was featured in a movie or old TV series and feelings of nostalgia get the best of people's wallets. One recent example includes the Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS driven by none other Mr. 80s Moustache Great, Tom Selleck, in Magnum, PI. About two years ago, give or take, you could buy one for around $35,000. They now go for up to three times that. Why? Nostalgia and word got out that you could own a cheap Ferrari.

Another example is the BMW E30 M3. A quick search will show they're now going for around $50k and climbing. But we'd like to offer a prediction of our own: the second generation Toyota MR2. Called the poor man's Ferrari of its time because of the styling and ideal sports car specs (transverse mid-engine, available turbo model, manual gearbox), a quality used one right now goes for less than $15k. We say that number will climb one day soon. Which old school sports cars do you see rising in value in the near future? Toyota MR2 Photos courtesy of TheBarnMiami.com

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