What Do You Think Will Be The Next Must-Have Old School Sports Car?


Cheap today. Way more expensive tomorrow.

Every few years or so a particular car make and model suddenly surges in popularity and value. Sometimes the car was featured in a movie or old TV series and feelings of nostalgia get the best of people's wallets. One recent example includes the Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS driven by none other Mr. 80s Moustache Great, Tom Selleck, in Magnum, PI. About two years ago, give or take, you could buy one for around $35,000. They now go for up to three times that. Why? Nostalgia and word got out that you could own a cheap Ferrari.

Another example is the BMW E30 M3. A quick search will show they're now going for around $50k and climbing. But we'd like to offer a prediction of our own: the second generation Toyota MR2. Called the poor man's Ferrari of its time because of the styling and ideal sports car specs (transverse mid-engine, available turbo model, manual gearbox), a quality used one right now goes for less than $15k. We say that number will climb one day soon. Which old school sports cars do you see rising in value in the near future? Toyota MR2 Photos courtesy of TheBarnMiami.com

Source Credits: www.thebarnmiami.com

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