What Does A Russian Porsche Want From Aston Martin?

TopCar creates a killer Cayenne, throws us off with its name.

Althoughwe've gotten used to seeing some outlandish designs from Russian tunerand aftermarket company TopCar, the images of this new Porsche Cayenne releasedby the company are actually quite impressive. Working with the faceliftedmodel, the company has added a 'Vantage Aero Kit' that includes loads of carbonfiber and Kevlar elements. But then, it went ahead and stuck a 'Vantage' plateon the rear, making us wonder just how the folks at Aston Martin would react tothis designation. Names aside, we kinda like the way it looks.

The firm'sall-new aerodynamic bodykit for the Cayenne 958 includes new front and rearbumper and fender extensions, front and rear door panels and a newrear spoiler. Taillights can also be tinted to complete that blacked out look. Allelements are made of Kevlar or carbon fiber, but thekit spec can be customized according to any desire. Also new are the Superlight ADV.1 forged wheels andMichelin Pilot Sport 3 tires. The price? A bodykit without carbon parts goesfor €14,865, while the full carbon package costs a whopping €21,365. Becausevanity, and Vantage, have their price.

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