What Does Chris Harris Think Of The New Ferrari 812 Superfast?

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Harris gets 45 minutes with the car to render a decision.

One of the big problems with having Top Gear's large production value is that it takes a while for us to see new episodes on TV. Luckily, Chris Harris has his own YouTube segment where he gives us his opinions on the latest and greatest cars. Reviews have been pouring out on the new Ferrari 812 Superfast, and Chris Harris was flown to Ferrari's home of Italy to test the car. The 812 is the replacement for the F12, and Harris describes it as nine-tenths of an F12tdf, which is an insane car to drive. So what did Harris think?

The new 812 has 789 hp from an enlarged 6.5-liter V12, and new rear-wheel steering that helps the car go even faster around corners. The car has shorter gearing than the F12, which Harris says helps it feel much quicker on the track. Harris describes the car as "snake oil" because he can't believe how well it puts down power.

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The 812 now has electric steering instead of hydraulic and Harris says that the two systems feel nearly identical. He says that the steering was a weak point on the F12, and is still a weak spot on this car. The steering is, simply, too quick and twitchy, according to Harris. As a GT car, the 812 is a bit bumpy, but says he wouldn't mind covering huge distances in the car. The 812 Superfast is definitely an improvement over the F12 and Harris wonders if this is the limit of how good a RWD V12 Ferrari can be.

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