What Does Elvis Presley, Canned Beer, And The Chevrolet Suburban All Have In Common?

They're old, but how old exactly?

1935 was a good year. What happened, exactly? For starters, the Hoover Dam was completed and Rock ’n’ Roll legend Elvis Presley was born. Canned beer first went on sale in the US and, of course, the first generation Chevrolet Suburban rolled off the production. Do the quick math and that makes all of the above 80 years old. Today, the Hoover Dam is still very much in operation, Elvis is dead, or you could be drinking a canned cold one right one. And the all-new, 12th generation Suburban debuted for model year 2015.

The original Suburban seated eight, had a 75-inch-long by 77-inch-high cargo area, and powered by an inline-six with 60 hp. The 2015 Suburban seats up to nine and offers up to 121.1 cub feet of cargo space, with power coming from a 5.3-liter V8 with 355 hp. Check out this new Chevy video that looks back at its iconic SUV.

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