What Does Rolls-Royce Expect Us To See With These Teaser Photos?

Apparently, the photos are of the upcoming Dawn.

Rolls-Royce hasbeen busy making one-off vehicles, but the automaker is also in the process of puttinga new convertible into production. What we have here are some very non-revealingphotos of the upcoming Rolls-Royce Dawn. What we can see, is thatthe Dawn will continue with the automaker’s heritage of making luxuriousvehicles with liberal use of the finest handcrafted materials. We can also tellthat the Dawn convertible will have similar backwards-opening doors to that ofthe Wraith.

All of thephotos are aimed at the interior of the vehicle, which is filled with fine woodand leather trim. There are also shiny metallic accents and a gorgeous analogclock. Just like the Wraith, the Dawn convertible will be able to seat four in theutmost of luxury. Under the exquisite bodywork, the Dawn will have the sameunderpinnings as the Wraith coupe, including its 6.6-liter twin-turbochargedV12 making 624 hp. The Dawn convertible is set to make its debut at the FrankfurtMotor Show.

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