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What Does The "BC" In Pagani Huayra BC Stand For?

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Bare Carbon? Perhaps not.

Pagani isn't like most automakers because it doesn't reveal a new model or a special edition of a current one every year. Each and every car is built to order according to customer demands. We absolutely love that business model, and this March at Geneva we're in for a treat: the debut of the Pagani Huayra BC, which we recently saw without any camo. While we'll have to wait a few more weeks for official details and specs, some have been wondering what "BC" stands for. Many assume it's for "bare carbon."

According to Motor1.com, that suffix stands for a guy named Benny Caiola, one of the most famous Italian sports car collectors. Not at all surprisingly, he owned the largest and most extensive Ferrari collection in the world, "but he also had a soft spot for Paganis." Back in 2000, for example, he wrote Horacio Pagani a letter expressing "his appreciation for the Zonda." In that letter he also enclosed a check for $1,000 to be doled out to Pagani's mechanics. Caiola, who founded one of the largest real estate management companies in Manhattan, sadly passed away back in 2010. A lighter, more powerful twin-turbo V12-powered Huayra with a massive rear wing couldn't be a more fitting tribute. We'll have full details in just a few weeks' time.

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