What F-Series Super Duty Truck Is Hiding Under the Slipcover?

A teaser for new trim level of the F-Series Super Duty truck discloses clue or two of slight modifications to the pickup truck.

What's hiding under those loosely laid black wraps is, according to Ford, the F-Series Super Duty light track in new trim. Since it is just a trim level introduction, the car's shape should suffer no metamorphosis. However if the car covered by this cloth is the real one than we can conclude some interesting distinctions. The front grill will remain huge and dominant, the headlights will remain rectangular but the side marker lights will be moved a bit closer to the bumper's edges.

Notice the sharp angle over the left headlamp from which the cloth cover falls in right-angles to the ground. It is very much unlike the current car's shape in which the shoulder above the lamp is gently sloping downwards. However we don't expect any changes to the car's body shape. It's only a teaser, and only for a new trim level. Well done Ford.

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