What Happened to Jim Morrison's Shelby GT500?

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Jim Morrison of The Doors once owned a 1967 Shelby GT500, but the singer lost it and it's been missing for over 40 years.

As lead singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison became a rock legend and died of a drug overdose at the too early age of 27 back in 1971. And as it turns out, he once owned a mist blue 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500, a gift from his record company. Thing is, to this day nobody knows where it's located. The car has literally disappeared but there is proof he owned it thanks to a 1969 California registration form. The car's disappearance traces back to just before he left for Paris where he died.

Morrison was driving one Friday night, recklessly of course, and hit a telephone poll on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. He began to inspect the damage but soon grew bored and so wandered up the road to a bar for the rest of the night. When he returned hours later, the car was gone. Another story regarding the Shelby's disappearance was when Morrison parked it at LAX for an extended period of time while going on tour. Once again, the car was missing when he went to retrieve it, having been towed then sold at a public auction. No one has been able to fully confirm these stories, but what's for sure is that the car was sold to someone else.

Who that person is whether they are aware of the car's original owner remains a mystery. The latest rumor is that someone in Phoenix, Arizona, has specific information regarding the car's whereabouts. But for now, the mystery remains unsolved. Just think for a moment though at just how incredible it would be to find Jim Morrison's Shelby GT500 more than 40 years after he lost it. It'd be like finding a piece of Rock'n'Roll and gearhead treasure.

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