What Happens When A Porsche Meets A Tank On The Road?

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This is one tough little Porsche.

So what could possibly go wrong when a massive PTL-02 tank destroyer accidentally crashes into a tiny yellow Porsche Cayman sports car? Well, a lot, but in this case the pictures of the accident seem to tell a different story. Surprisingly, the tough little Porsche Cayman looks like it emerged from the accident practically unscathed. Although it is hard to tell what happened to the left front end of the vehicle. Also, more importantly, the passengers in the Porsche escaped without a scratch.

One might ask where in the world such an accident could even possibly occur and how it unfolded. The accident occurred in of all places, China, in the great city of Congqing. Apparently the tank destroyer wanted to change lanes and went barreling straight into the side of the bright yellow Cayman. The reason for the accident may have something to do with the tank destroyer's lack of turn signals. It does however come fully equipped with a monstrous 100 millimeter cannon that can be used to destroy enemy tanks from long distances. Thankfully for the Porsche, no one was destroyed in the accident. Pictures sourced from e23 and Weixinyidu.

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