What Happens When A Train Horn Prank Goes Horribly Wrong?


Maybe honking at people in a giant truck isn't the best idea.

Internet pranks have kind of sort of gotten out of control. Most aren't even funny any more, and some people take things way too far just to score a laugh and court YouTube views. Some people just can't take a joke, and that is exactly what happened when two pranksters from the YouTube channel "Dynamic Duo TV" decide to honk at people with their train horn-equipped Nissan Titan. We can see how this prank could go south, fast. Not everyone likes it when the whistles go woo.

Most of the people in the video just get a bit scared and yell at the pranksters, but one McDonalds employ gets a little bit more pissed off. Her reaction is hilarious, and let's just say, these pranksters get what is coming to them. Maybe now they know not to honk at people with a train horn.


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