What Happens When The Blue Carbon One:1 Hits The Tarmac?

At 225 MPH, this Koenigsegg screams 'More!'.

A couple of weeks ago, we showed you the insane Blue Carbon Koenigsegg One:1 after it was delivered to BHP Project. Unsurprisingly, these guys didn't waste any time before getting this animal out of its cage and releasing it on the open tarmac at the UK's Vmax200 event. According to the post, which follows yesterday's epic action, the car was running on standard fuel, allowing it to make around 1,160 horsepower rather than the 1,389 available with Bio-Ethanol. Even so, the POV video shows the car easily hitting 225 mph on a bumpy track.

Check out this wild ride in one of the world's most beautiful hypercars:

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