What Happens When You Buy A BMW M3 Thrashed By Jeremy Clarkson?


This really happened to some guy.

Rob Willis simply wanted to own a BMW M3. The young father from the UK figured he got a good deal by spending 50,000 pounds on a used one. Or so he thought. Not long after he bought the Sky Blue M3, problems began to arise. For starters, it had brake and steering problems along with "lots of squeaking." He called the place where he bought it from and was told to bring it in. Oh yeah, there was also a "clunking noise" as he drove off the highway. The garage didn't have a clue what was wrong.

They weren't familiar with the car's carbon ceramic brakes, but wisely called BMW in Germany to figure what was going on. Anyway, the problems kept getting worse and the garage gave Willis replacement cars for the time being. But then Willis made a discovery: he saw Jeremy Clarkson driving his M3 on Top Gear (he recognized the license plate number). In typical Clarkson fashion, he drove the hell out of it, and described it as "like the perfect dog, it's loyal, it's cute, it doesn't chase sheep and yet, if a burglar comes, it has the power to rip his throat out. Look at me, I'm an attack dog now. It is a fabulous wonderful car and, if you have 56,000 pounds, you should buy one."

Well, Willis took that advice. Fortunately, the garage seems to have resolved the car's issues and Willis has it back. And now he can proudly claim to own a car that Jezza thrashed around (before he was fired from Top Gear).

Source Credits: www.dailymail.co.uk

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