What Happens When You Drive Your All-Time Favorite Supercar?


Doug DeMuro drives a car he's been obsessed with for over eleven years, will it live up to his expectations?

Everyone has their one true automotive love, a halo car that can do no wrong. It doesn't have to be a supercar, but most of the time it is. Kids plaster posters all over their walls and when their parents tell them to take them down and chuck them, there's always that one single tatty-edged poster that gets folded up and put away. That's the halo car, the car of cars, and for well-known car guy Doug DeMuro, it's the Porsche Carrera GT. It was a beast of a car when it was released, mad in every sense of the word.

Great looks, mind-blowing performance and an eargasmic soundtrack. It's said that you shouldn't ever meet your hero or idol because you'll end up disappointed, and the same can be said about your dream car.

The power delivery might suck, the visibility might be close to zero (which I found in a Countach) or the ride might be too soft or too hard. I don't think any of us would turn down an opportunity to drive one though, just like Doug. On the plus side, you may find out things you never knew, like that secret compartment in the door edge as seen in that animated gif doing the rounds. That was taken from Doug's review, and even he didn't know about it. So did the Porsche Carrera GT live up to his expectations? You have 10:39 minutes to find out.

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