What Happens When You Hit A Speed Bump At High Speed


It's amazing to watch how much punishment this old Mercedes can take.

When approaching a speed bump, your instinct is to slow down to avoid damaging your car. But what happens if you ignore your instincts, put your foot down, and drive over a speed bump at high speed? To find out how much punishment a car can take in this scenario, YouTube channel Warped Perception has brought back their stripped-out Mercedes E-Class to see what happens to the suspension when you don't slow down for speed bumps.

The naked Mercedes E-Class, which has no doors or body panels, was last used in a test by Warped Perception to see how it copes driving through some of the worst potholes in Chicago, so it isn't exactly in pristine condition.

Warped Perception
Warped Perception

Warped Perception explains the idea is to "show everybody what would happen if you didn't see that speed bump and you were going too fast," in an attempt to see if speed bumps really can cause serious damage to the suspension.

To do this, the Mercedes gets driven over three types of speed bumps that are commonly found on city streets: the asphalt speed bump, the parking lot speed bump, and newer "suspension-killer" speed bumps that are around six inches high and eight inches wide. The most common type found on the Chicago streets is the asphalt speed bump, which may look tame but can potentially cause a lot of damage to a car.

If a driver sees the speed bump too late, they will often brake right as the car goes over the speed bump, causing it to bottom out and weight to be transferred to the rear. After replicating this scenario, Warped Perception tries hitting the speed bump as fast as they can without slowing down. Surprisingly, this didn't cause any damage to the suspension, but it's cool to watch in slow motion. It's amazing to see how much punishment the old Mercedes E-Class can take.

To ramp up the intensity, the Mercedes is then taken to a shopping mall parking lot to see what happens when you fail to slow down for plastic speed bumps, followed by a final test with what Warped Perception thinks are the most damaging speed bumps as they cause the whole car to jump up and down even at low speed. You'll have to watch the rest of the video to find out if the Mercedes survives in one piece.

Warped Perception
Warped Perception
Warped Perception
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