What Happens When You Pour Coca-Cola Into A BMW Gas Tank?

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The Internet answers this burning question for the sake of science.

Coca Cola is supposed to be that miracle chemical that can be used to do a little bit of everything-sometimes to a freakish extent. It washes down lunch almost as well as it cleans a toilet bowl or gets rid of stains on clothes. Who knows what else it could do back when it was loaded with cocaine. Among the list of things it cannot do, however, is stand in as a substitute for engine oil. YouTube learned that the hard way when the Beyond The Press channel replaced a dying four-cylinder's lifeblood with Coke and reved it to death.

That kind of execution is not enough for TechRax, however. This channel-completely at home ruining perfectly good iPhone Xs by setting them on fire or drilling holes through them, sacrifices an old but still worthy of love 2003 BMW 325i wagon for the sake of science by pouring Coca-Cola into the gas tank and running the engine.

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About a minute into the ride, the engine begins to emit a hissing sound, almost as if the carbon in the soda began to fizz. Soon after the car begins to lose RPMs before throwing a code and activating the check engine light. Not long after that, it's time to start writing an obituary for what was once a perfectly good 3 Series. This guy at least does us the favor of taking the BMW to the mechanic's to see how much it costs to fix, but given that he can afford to throw away $1,000 iPhones as if it were nothing, this Bimmer is pretty much as good as scrap. Hope it was worth it.

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