What Happens When You Use A Batmobile To Pick Up Girls?

Batman just wants to find his Catwoman, but will his car help?

It seems like there are countless gold digger pranks all over YouTube with the sole purpose to make guys feel the need to adhere to the Barney Stinson stereotype and to make girls feel bad about accepting a free ride in a Lamborghini. Your writer for one, would have no qualms about faking interest in someone for a ride in a supercar. However this guy cranks the whole thing up a notch by being Batman. He hits the city streets dressed in full bat attire while his convincing Batmobile replica sits nearby.

After fooling one cutie into thinking she’ll ride to the Wayne mansion with Batman in the Tumbler, the prankster reveals that he already has his Catwoman companion riding shotgun. Note: The original video has been made private but this reaction video shows the prank in full, albeit in a smaller screen.

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