What Has Edd China Been Up To Since Quitting Wheeler Dealers?

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We'll let Edd explain.

Edd China's departure after a nearly 15-year tenure on "Wheeler Dealers" came as a shock to just about everyone, including host Mike Brewer. Quick recap: China left the long-running show following the Velocity Channel's decision that the workshop sequences were "too difficult to make." China didn't want to sacrifice quality solely for a speeder production schedule. We totally commend him for that. But what's done is done and, as it turns out, China still hasn't had the chance to clean out his desk at the Wheeler Dealers studio.

In his most recent YouTube channel posting, China finds himself parked outside his former office, hoping for the chance to hop inside and get his stuff. While waiting in his car, China takes the opportunity to answer fans' questions about what he's doing next, as well as other related topics.

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The dust seems to have settled, somewhat, regarding China's departure and his falling out with Brewer, so it's likely only a matter of time until he finds a new home, or appears on a new show. One thing he mentioned is the fact that YouTube allows him, or any amateur or experienced filmmaker, to experiment. What works? What doesn't? Edd China is not only handy with a wrench, but also seems to have lots of creativity. We can't wait to see what his next move will be. Good luck, Edd. You deserve lots of success.

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