What if Audi Built the TT Sportback?

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It may look something like this.

Reaction was generally mixed regarding the Audi TT Sportback Concept that debuted at Paris last week. We really liked the overall design and how it resembles the larger and much more expensive A7. The question, however, is whether or not Audi will build it. Is there a market for another small Audi sedan alongside the A3? Or should Audi just stick with the familiar TT coupe and roadster? Or how about a TT-based small crossover? Anything's possible.

But say if the TT Sportback were given the production green light, how much of the concept would remain? Rendering artist Theophilus Chin wondered the same with these latest images of a production-spec version. The concept's overall silhouette remains intact, but the front and rear ends are taken directly from the TT coupe and roadster. Point being, a production TT Sportback is very simple to do. There just needs to be enough people ready to buy them.

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Source Credits: www.theophiluschin.com

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