What if Audi Were to Build an RS3 Sedan?

If the production green light is given, then we're hoping the car will look like this.

The upcoming sedan version of the Audi A3 will be arriving in showrooms very soon. It should appeal to those who want to upgrade from a Volkswagen Jetta or even a Golf to something a little more grown-up, something that will look better in the office building parking lot. Within that buyers’ group, there will almost certainly be those who crave additional power and performance. Will Audi oblige? Rendering artist Theophilus Chin certainly hopes so and so do we.

This is his rendering of what a high-performance RS3 Sedan could look like if it were to ever reach production. It looks fantastic and that big rear spoiler is a great touch. Those larger front air vents and big rear tailpipes also work very well. Audi has yet to approve the car, but it’d be awfully cool if it did.

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