What if Caddy Built an ELR Wagon?

Sadly, the chances are next to zero.

In case you haven’t heard, Cadillac is currently experiencing a design and image renaissance. Its cars haven’t looked this fantastic in decades and, for literally the first time ever, the US luxury brand is now fully competitive with the very best the rest of the world has to offer. Considering GM and Cadillac’s state just a decade or so ago, this turnaround is nothing short of remarkable. Not just Florida retirees are driving Caddilacs anymore. With all of its recent successes you’d think maybe Caddy could take a chance or two.

Its also new ELR plug-in hybrid is also quite an attractive thing, but what if the brand’s "Art and Science" styling language was taken a bit further by turning the coupe into a five-door wagon. Rendering artist Theophilus Chin recently had this idea, and you’re looking at the result. The overall idea is good, but we definitely think there’s improvement needed at the rear end. Still, an ELR wagon would definitely be a cool thing, but we doubt GM would ever green light such a project.

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