What If Car Companies Built Real Life Star Wars Podracers?

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Perhaps this is what automakers built a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, automakers did not build the four-wheeled vehicles that we know as cars. Instead, they focused all of their efforts on special, flying podracers that would be piloted around different circuits, like the deserts of Tatooine. We are course, kidding, but with all of the serious news coming out of the auto industry it's nice to step back and have a little fun with some awesome renderings. The folks over at Click Mechanic have a fun time rendering what Star Wars podracers would look like if they were built by real-life automakers.

There are seven different podracers in total, and each has some unique touches that really stand out. The Ferrari podracer, for example, is obviously red and resembles a real-life Ferrari Formula 1 car. The Lamborghini podracer seems to have the same air-vent shape as its road cars, and a bold orange paint job with Italian flag stripes. One of the more unique racers is the Aston Martin pod, which features what appears to be the grill from a DB9 R race car. Like their racing equivalents, the Ford GT and Subaru podracer sport blue and orange Gulf and blue and yellow STI race liveries respectively.

The BMW podracer does have kidney grills, but they are square rather than round. The whole car is painted in white with the classic M car stripes. Finally, the Dodge Charger podracer is perhaps the most unique. This rendering uses the front end from a classic Charger with a massive supercharger on it. We don't know exactly what powers podracers in the Star Wars universe, but we are fairly certain that a supercharger wouldn't help them make any more power. Still, these renderings are a fun way to connect a great movie franchise to cars. And are certainly more interesting than the boring Nissan Rogue Star Wars edition or the toy Star Wars Hot Wheels cars.

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