What If Cyberpunk Designers Built A Ferrari?

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We'd love to see this in real life.

The Ferrari F8 Tributo is a seriously quick machine, and it looks pretty good popping wheelies too, but although its design is modern for a Ferrari, it has nothing on that of this Cyberpunk-inspired hypercar. According to designer Le Yang Bai, who posted his vision on Behance, his Ferrar.exe concept takes references from the abovementioned videogame and the Ferrari 312P racecar. We think that cult classic, Tron, may have inspired the design to a degree too, but there's no doubt that this certainly fits the bill of a Ferrari racer from the future. Illuminated tires are just one way that the designer has used light to make this thing stand out, and we're pretty sure it would look right at home in a dystopian futuristic city.

Le Yang Bai Le Yang Bai Le Yang Bai

The front has a small Ferrari badge, and the three mini vents ahead of the hood are certainly the type of design flourish you'd expect to see on a Ferrari. Down the side, the profile draws inspiration from that of the LaFerrari, and that glasshouse reminds us of the SF90 Stradale's roof. However, the rear of the car is a massive departure from anything we've seen come out of Maranello thus far. Besides those golden taillights, the exhausts also seem to be finished in an odd manner, with a stack of four pipes exiting a bumperless rear end that looks absolutely wild.

Le Yang Bai Le Yang Bai Le Yang Bai

The total lack of a diffuser is very un-Ferrari-like too, but in the year 2077, there may be some other advanced technology that negates the need for such a device. Of course, Ferrari is very finicky about how its name is used, which is why this is car seems to be missing an "i" from its name, but we could also chalk that up to clever wordplay as Ferrar.exe, for the non-nerds among us, would be pronounced "Ferrari-ex-ee", the suffix representing an executable computer program.

Nevertheless, even those uptight Italians would have to admit that this is a spectacular design that bends the rules in every way possible, and we like the overall shock effect. If Batman were Italian, we're pretty sure he'd approve too. There's plenty of room for an afterburner here as well. Just saying.

Le Yang Bai Le Yang Bai Le Yang Bai Le Yang Bai
Source Credits: Behance

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