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What if GM Didn't Kill Hummer

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Perhaps in a different universe Hummer could have survived.

During the height of GM's bankruptcy, it was forced to shut down several brands, including Pontiac Hummer. Many were dismayed by this decision, especially since GMC and Buick were kept alive. Now that some time has passed, the decision to kill off both brands seems to have made some sense. Both GMC and Buick's sales numbers are strong, and, in all honesty, it's kind of hard to see where Pontiac would fit in the mix (Chevy and Buick have got these well covered). But what about Hummer?

If given enough time, could GM have found a way to make it both relevant and profitable? For example, what if a new-age Hummer was used as a test bed for an even more powerful version of the Chevy Volt's powertrain? Then again, the Cadillac Escalade could seemingly do the same job if needed. Full-size SUVs remain strong sellers even today, and if given the opportunity, Hummer might have been able to find an acceptable formula combining decent fuel numbers and go-anywhere off-road ability. Too bad we'll never know.

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