What if Holden Were to Build a VF Monaro?

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As great as these images look, the chances that a new Monaro will reach production are practically zero.

In many ways, Holden is perhaps the best brand GM has got these days. Why exactly? While the majority of new GM mainstream cars are front-wheel-drive, Holden continues to develop its rear-wheel-drive large-car platform that underpins the new Chevy SS. What if Holden were to slice the rear doors off and build a new Monaro coupe? The idea sounds fantastic and we figure Chevy could do the same with the SS. But here's the thing: it just ain't going to happen.

These rendered images are of an imagined VF Monaro, and we think the car looks superb. It wouldn't be hard for Holden to build it and it would undoubtedly find plenty of fans Down Under. So why won't it be made? Because GM already has a coupe variant of the SS/Commodore called the Camaro, which rides on a shortened version of the same platform. The business case simply isn't there for a Monaro, not to mention a Chevy SS coupe. However, now that Ford confirmed it will be bringing the next-gen Mustang to Australia, Holden may need to give some serious thought to a proper competitor. This VF Monaro is a good place to start.

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