What if Honda Built a New Integra?

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Sadly, the chances are practically zero.

Back in the day, Honda built a great a front-wheel-drive model called the Integra. It was sold as an Acura in the US, and it managed to attract quite a loyal following. Powered by Honda's famous VTEC engines, the Integra was affordable, fun to drive, and easy to tune. By the time the final generation appeared in the US, Acura renamed it the RSX, but it was dropped entirely in 2006. Honda felt that its Civic Si, which was a bit cheaper, could easily fill in the high-performance coupe market slot. But still, Integra fans were disappointed.

So with Acura in the process of reinventing itself these days, some have wondered whether a new Integra/RSX is a possibility. The answer is likely "no," but automotive rendering artist Theophilus Chin couldn't help his curiosity by cooking up his vision of a reborn Integra; it's simply a coupe version of the current ILX. And we're really digging it. But if you go and call Honda/Acura asking for it, they'll just direct you to the current Civic Si. Such is life.

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Source Credits: theophiluschin.com

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