What If Honda Made A Hardcore Hypercar?

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Don't get your hopes up about this happening any time soon.

The new NSX is being hailed as Honda's triumphant return to the supercar scene, but what if the Japanese automaker decided to make a thoroughbred track car to rival the likes of the Aston Martin Vulcan and Ferrari FXX K? Sadly, it seems unlikely that Honda could justify the steep costs required to make such an extreme car in limited numbers. But that hasn't stopped rendering artist Leonardo Nitole Moreira from designing a crazy concept car showing how a hardcore Honda hypercar could look if it was manufactured in 2020.

Dubbed the Honda Invisus, Moreira's hypothetical hypercar looks unlike anything else in Honda's current line-up. Its dramatic design seems to have been inspired by the vicious Aston Martin Vulcan, as the imposing front fascia boasts similarly slim LED headlights positioned above some huge air intakes. To make the track car as light as possible, carbon fiber is used extensively and the body was sculpted onto a tubular chassis. A huge wing and rear diffuser dominates the rear to produce race car-rivalling levels of downforce. Powering the Invisus is a V8 that's proudly on display in the exposed engine compartment.

Moreira doesn't provide any hypothetical performance figures, but we would expect the Invisus to produce around 1,000 hp if it was designed to compete against the fearsome Ferrari FXX K. Other distinctive design features include gullwing doors, multi-spoke black wheels, and a stripped-out interior that looks like it belongs in a vintage Honda touring car. While it seems unlikely that we'll see Honda make a 1000-hp+ track weapon any time soon, the Japanese automaker recently filed a trademark for the ZSX name suggesting that a baby NSX could be on the way, possibly as a spiritual successor to the S2000.

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