What If Lamborghini Built a Veneno Roadster?


A rendering artist has created images of what a Veneno-style body kit would look like if applied to the Aventador Roadster.

Only four Lamborghini Venenos were built, and just three were for sale. Because the Veneno is such a rare and exotic beast, Lamborghini kept one for itself for safekeeping. More than likely, the Italian supercar maker won't build anymore, such as a roadster variant, but that hasn't stopped someone from envisioning what the car could look like. A rendering artist over at Lambo Cars has just cooked up these images of a potential Veneno body kit that's been applied to the Aventador hardtop and Roadster.

If you happen to be rich enough to own an Aventador but couldn't afford the Veneno's $4 million price tag, this may just be the next best thing. One problem: it doesn't exist (yet). This so-called "virtual Aventador Veneno" has a massive rear wing and a ton of other bits to make it resemble the multi-million dollar exotic. We dig it and it could almost be mistaken for the real deal.

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