What If Maybach Made A Luxurious Coupe Crossover?

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The render artist was clearly inspired by the Maybach Vision 6 Concept.

Last month, Mercedes-Maybach unveiled the Ultimate Luxury Concept, and it's safe to say its peculiar looks received a mix reaction. The quirky SUV concept is designed to preview Maybach's upcoming version of the Mercedes GLS, but the design was a weird hybrid incorporating the notchback rear-end of a sedan with the body of an SUV. As a result, it looked like a sedan on stilts, rather than an SUV. This prompted render artists to change the styling and make the Ultimate Luxury Concept look more like a conventional SUV.

In this latest reinterpretation of the opulent SUV, artist Dongwon Lee has envisioned what would happen if Maybach decided to attract younger buyers with a sporty coupe crossover. Blending the bold design of the Maybach Vision 6 Concept with elements from the Mercedes S-Class and GLE Coupe, the resulting three-door crossover is dominated by Maybach's huge grille and features large air intakes in the front bumper. It also has widened fenders, a sloping roofline and large wheels. A huge air intake dominates the side profile, while from the rear we can see a double-bubble roof and split windshield. Adding to the SUV's striking design is a massive diffuser and a double light strip adorning the entire width of the rear.

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The artist hasn't produced any images of what the hypothetical crossover would look like inside, but we would imagine it would adopt a 2+2 seat layout. Mercedes-Maybach will eventually launch its first ever SUV to rival the Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Let's just hope it looks less like the hideous Ultimate Luxury Concept and more like this artist's creation.


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