What If Maybach Made A Swanky Supercar?

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Its wooden core helps disperse sound to make you "feel as if you're in an opera house."

Maybach is best known for making some of the swankiest luxury cars money can buy, albeit ones that are more fun to be chauffeured around in than they are to drive. But last year we got a glimpse of how a Maybach performance coupe could potentially look with the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, featuring a futuristic cabin and an all-electric 550-killowatt powertrain producing 738-hp and a 0-62 mph sprint time of under four seconds. It never went into production, sadly, but it inspired artist Hawan Park to dream up this innovative Maybach supercar concept.

Dubbed the Mercedes-Maybach ECHO Concept, the luxury supercar is designed for the year 2030, so naturally comes with fully autonomous driving abilities. The sleek shape of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 has evolved into a more radical, futuristic design appropriate for a sophisticated supercar. The body is sculpted out of carbon fiber and translucent metal, the headlights are slimmer, and a front diffuser makes it appear more aggressive. Like the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, the ECHO concept has gullwing doors for easy access. As with all Maybachs, the interior is as luxurious and high-tech as you would expect with a few innovations that music connoisseurs will appreciate.

Inside, you'll find a hologram projector at the front of the cabin, and flexible seat suspension provides crisp comfort. The cabin is wrapped in wood to resemble a concert hall as it has unique mechanical and acoustical characteristics, which is why many musical instruments are made from it. It helps disperse sound to make you "feel as if you're in an opera house" and is designed to appeal to wealthy concert-goers who "don't want to listen to classical music through electronic speakers." Would you want to see this novel concept car go into production?

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