What if Mazda Built a Mid-Engined RX9 Rotary?

It could look something like this.

There’s been no shortage of rumors about a successor to the Mazda RX-8. The last we heard, Mazda engineers are keen to do it but executives have yet to make a compelling business case. Still, a 2017 launch is being targeted in order to properly celebrate the Mazda rotary’s 50th anniversary. Will it be called the RX-7? RX-8? Or perhaps the RX-9? No one knows just yet, but in the meantime speculation continues. And now New Zealand-based designer Alex Hodge has created his vision of an RX-9.

Only this time there’s a mid-mounted rotary hybrid setup. This two-door, two-seater has also been designed as a homage to the beloved RX7 from the 1990s, updated with Mazda’s current Kodo styling theme. Could something like this work as a production model? Anything’s possible but the ball is now entirely in Mazda’s court. Hat tip to Alex for the images and details.

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