What if Mazda Built an MX-5 Coupe?


Perhaps it would look something like this.

Some call it girly and others claim it's one of the best pure sports cars of the past 20 years. Both sides are right, but no one can question just how positively wonderful the Mazda MX-5 is as a driver's car. It's fun to drive, affordable and with some proper tuning can also be raced. But what if Mazda went the way of the old BMW Z3M Coupe? Perhaps the final result would look something like this, the latest creation from rendering artist Theophilus Chin.

The MX-5 coupe doesn't have quite the shooting brake shape of the Z3M, but the overall look is solid. We dig it. With the next-generation MX-5 just around the corner, perhaps it's time for Mazda to quit that folding (and heavy) hardtop business and build a real MX-5 coupe.

Source Credits: theophiluschin.com

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