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What If McLaren Made A Single-Seater Hypercar As Radical As This?

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Its designer is billing it as "the ultimate exposure hypercar."

McLaren has ambitious aims to release as many as 14 cars in the next six years, including the much-anticipated follow-up to the P1, and the BP23 Hyper-GT, which will adopt a central driving position like its F1 ancestor. By then, we will have seen a new wave of radical hypercars like the Mercedes-AMG Project One and Aston Martin Valkyrie with race car performance and aerodynamics that will redefine your expectations of what a road-going hypercar can achieve. But what if McLaren developed a radical single-seater rival?

Presented in a series of design sketches and a fifth scale model, Behance designer Raleigh Haire shows us how a McLaren single-seater could look, and the design is suitably outlandish incorporating a pod-style glass cabin and striking aerodynamic body. The hypothetical hypercar would be operated with three driving modes that adjust the power output and aerodynamics depending on the experience of the driver. At Alpha level, the output is capped at 350 horsepower with minimum aerodynamics. Delta increases the performance to 550 hp, and Ultra boosts the output to 900 hp, activating the advanced aerodynamics to keep it planted.

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Haire is billing his creation as "the ultimate exposure hypercar." The structure is almost entirely concealed in the interior allowing the driver "to feel completely exposed to the road and surroundings," while visible mechanisms help the driver feel more connected to the car. Apart from the signature headlights and front bumper, the hypercar looks unlike any other McLaren production car. The exposed rear-end looks particular striking, revealing the suspension and engine components to intimidate its hypercar rivals.