What if Mercedes Built the Ultimate Four-Door Coupe?


Then it'd probably look an awful lot like this.

Mercedes-Benz literally invented the four-door coupe segment with its first-generation CLS-Class back in 2004. Since then, every other German automaker followed suit with at least one four-door coupe model of their own. Although the competition has caught up, Mercedes has clearly kept its game going with new models like the CLA-Class as well as that gorgeous new S-Class Coupe Concept that was unveiled earlier this month at Frankfurt.

Considering the CLS is based on the current E-Class platform, it's already a fairly large car. Mercedes has also claimed that it has no plans to build a four-door coupe larger than the CLS. But what if that S-Class Coupe Concept was stretched a bit with an extra couple of doors added? That's what rendering artist Theophilus Chin had done with his latest automotive vision. It looks downright incredible, and after some debate, he named it the SSC as sort of a tribute to the old SSK that was built from 1928 till 1932. As much as we like - no love - what we're seeing, it's highly doubtful Mercedes will ever build it.

Source Credits: theophiluschin.com

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