What If Mitsubishi Built A New Evo And It Looked Something Like This

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Too bad it'll never happen.

Mitsubishi is about to face a shitstorm because it cooked the books for its fuel economy numbers for the past 25 years. How many models, exactly? We don't know just yet, but the answers will become clear in due time. But before this latest scandal was exposed, we already knew there wouldn't be an eleventh generation Lancer-based Evo. Having a new Lancer sedan to base it off of would definitely help, but even that doesn't appear to be happening.

And it's really a damn shame, as we've said many times before, because a new Lancer could have a lot of potential. Just take a look at these renderings created by graphic artist Enoch Gabriel Gonzales. He's only a student but he's on to something here. Just imagine, for a moment, the car renderings you see before you getting the Evo treatment, specifically with side skirts, larger wheels and, of course, a large rear wing. Hey, we can hope, right? Renderings courtesy of Enoch Gabriel Gonzales/Behance.

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Source Credits: www.behance.net

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