What If Nissan Brought The Qashqai To The United States?


People love buying SUVs so why the hell not?

Even though it has an unpronounceable name, the Nissan Qashqai has been a hot seller on the European market since 2007. The car has been the subject of many "Top Gear" jokes where the hosts struggle to pronounce the name as either "Kwish-Quash" or the now infamous "Kumquat." (It's actually pronounced "Cash-Kai.") Anyway, the Qashqai slots between the smaller Juke and slightly larger Rogue. The Qashqai is available with a range of four-cylinder gas and diesel engines with front-wheel and all-wheel drive.

So, what is Nissan brought the Qashqai to the United States? We're just thinking out loud here, but it seems like it'd be a win for the automaker. People really, really love SUVs and CUVs right now. However, Nissan would be selling yet another SUV in an already crowded lineup that consists of the Juke, Rogue, Murano, Pathfinder, and Armada. But hey, the Xterra is being discontinued so it could kind of sort of take its place! Crossovers are the hottest segment in the industry right now, so it is not impossible to think that Nissan would want to bring another one stateside. Carmakers have been scrambling to bring new crossovers to consumers this year and demand keeps growing.

Everyone is making SUVs nowadays, even companies known for luxury and sports cars like Jaguar. The upcoming F-Pace fills a big gap for the Jaguar brand and is sure to be a money maker. Of course Nissan doesn't necessarily have a gap to fill, but more money is never a bad thing for any automaker. We can already picture the Nissan commercials telling us how to pronounce the name. If Nissan does decide to sell the Qashqai in the US, it better think about changing its name, although the prospect of a Nissan commercial that features a Qashqai full of kumquats does give us a cheap laugh.


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