What If Peyton Manning And These Other Recently Retired NFL Stars Were Cars?

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We use our imagination to predict what type of cars these NFL legends would be!

This year many distinguished pros retired from the NFL. All of these great athletes left their mark on the gridiron, but what if they had instead left a skid mark of success on the street. If they were cars, what cars would they be? First on our list is Peyton Manning. Manning had one of the most successful NFL careers ever. He won two Super Bowls and is known as one of the game's smartest players ever. That is why Peyton Manning would be a Volvo P1800.

Like Manning, Volvo has a reputation for being a little boring. However, what some people may call boring, others will call reliable. Manning enjoyed a very long NFL career, and the P1800 is known to be extremely reliable. One example has even traveled over 3 million miles. Like Manning, the P1800 was never the fastest, but it still remains a legend! Compared to Peyton Manning (age 39), Calvin Johnson Jr. (age 30) had a relatively short career. However, during his time as a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, Johnson earned the nickname Megatron after being so impossible to cover. Because of his sheer dominance, Johnson would be a Bugatti Veyron.

Like Megatron's NFL career, production of the Veyron is now over. Since the Veyron's introduction, several cars have come along that challenge its greatness. Cars like the Hennessy Venom GT and SSC Ultimate Aero tried to defeat the mighty Veyron. However, even after all of these cars, we still acknowledge that the Veyron is one of the most important cars in history. Like the Lions before Calvin Johnson, Bugatti was in trouble before the Veyron. What the Veyron did was take a forgotten company and make it great again. Calvin Johnson took a struggling NFL franchise and almost single-handedly turned it into an offensive juggernaut. Other wide receivers may be more agile than Johnson, but he was still one of the all-time greats.

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Finally we have Marshawn Lynch. Lynch was known as one of the toughest running backs in the NFL. His propensity to bust through multiple tackles earned him the nickname Beast Mode. Lynch is known to enjoy big, off-road cars such as the Jeep Wrangler. He even created a completely custom Beast Mode-branded Wrangler to sell for charity. We think that Marshawn Lynch would be an F150-Raptor. Like Lynch, the Raptor is virtually unstoppable. The Raptor is heavy, intimidating and with a new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 making 411 horsepower, it is fast too. This beastly truck is the perfect car version of Beast Mode.

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