What if Porsche and Citroen Bumped Uglies?


This is what their offspring looks like.

Fans of the Porsche 911 won't be happy to see their sports car literally being sawed in half and then glued to a Citroen DS. But the two cars do have a couple of things in common: both were Euro-built and have distinctive styling that no American automaker would even consider. So what would a combination of the two look like? Well, here's your visual answer. The people over at Brandpowder have cooked up this what-if creation, although we don't think an actual car exists.

For now it appears to be just a design exercise, but it's still intriguing nonetheless. Brandpowder claims it'd be powered by a turbocharged flat-six with 260 horsepower and built on a custom aluminum chassis in order for the cars to be properly welded together. So, is this "911DS" an example of genius creativity or just a cheap way to get publicity at the expense of two famous cars from the 20th century? Let us know what you think.

Source Credits: brandpowder.com

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