What If That Mid-Engine Corvette Rumor Is Really A Secret Cadillac Supercar?


The truth will out.

A few months ago, those mid-engine Corvette rumors started up again, but there was an element of truth to them. Various sources claimed that GM was working on a new mid-engine, high-performance sports car setup. Could that be the Corvette C8? Could Zora Arkus-Duntov's vision finally happen? Possibly, but then earlier this week during a live interview, Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter claimed he knew nothing about this, stating that he’ll "have to check that out, because I know no such car exists."

And now a new theory has arisen, courtesy of Automobile Magazine editor-in-chief Todd Lassa. In his most recent column, Lassa suggests that GM could very well be developing that mid-engine platform, but it’s for a future Cadillac sports car and not for the Corvette. He points out a few reasons why this is entirely probable. Aside from Juechter’s recent comments, Lassa notes that Cadillac’s president has gone on record that the brand needs sports cars. "We should also look at one or two sports cars that you buy for emotional reasons, not for practicality, but because they’re so sexy and fun to drive." Cadillac has also adopted a new accounting system that’ll make it easier to justify the costs of a high-priced, low-volume sports car.

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Any Cadillac sports car simply can’t share the Corvette’s platform, as was done with the old XLR, because doing so would dilute the brand. And, perhaps most importantly, the Corvette, like the Porsche 911, is iconic for its layout. If Porsche can always manage to make the rear-engine setup work, then why can’t GM do the same with the still more practical front-engine setup? Lassa stresses that no one at GM has said anything to him outright about a mid-engine sports car, but a few other industry analysts are also thinking the same as him. So what do you all think? Could (or should) Cadillac receive a mid-engine, six-figure priced sports car while the Corvette continues with its traditional setup?